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Founded in 1844 Dewrance, now part of Pentair Valves & Controls, enjoys a worldwide reputation for its range of Parallel Slide Gate Valves. In addition it offers an unrivalled range of other high performance valves for power generation and associated industries.

High Pressure Parallel Slide Gate Valves

Low pressure loss and high velocity flow specifications.
ASME 1000 to 2850
Sizes 5” to 24”
Temporature range -30C to 650C
End Connections: Butt Weld

Dewrance High Pressure Parallel Slide Gate Valves

Check Valves

Suitable for non return duties in a wide range of power applications
Pressure class 300,600,1000,1690,2850
Sizes 2” to 24”
Temperature range -30C to 650C
End Connections: Flange BWE & SWE

Dewrance Check Valves

Bled Steam Check Valves

Specifically designed “free to swing” check Valves for bled steam or cold reheat non-return applications
Sizes 6” to 28”
ASME B16.34 – 1996
Pressure Class 150,400,600

Dewrance Bled Steam Check Valves

Reheat Isolation Devices

For quick isolation of reheat of boiler for testing, maintenance etc.
Sizes 16” to 36”
ASME B16.34 – 1996
Valve overall lengths to ASME B16.10 – 1992
Pressure class: 500,900

Dewrance Reheat Isolation Devices
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